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The future of furniture design

Are you ready for the next generation of furniture design? There are many exciting opportunities for the furniture industry going forward, and we can be sure to see a large increase in more sustainable designs, customised solutions and innovative furniture that are changeable in both form and function. Threespine is the ideal technology to meet the demands of new design possibilities, creative solutions and innovative opportunities.

New design possibilities

Don’t let visible holes for fasteners and connectors ruin the appearance of your products and forget about limitations related to material properties. Instead, use Threespine and discover new design possibilities. With hidden joints and the possibility to work with thinner materials, it is now possible to design stunning furniture that is truly easy to assemble – no matter if it is done in the factory or at home by the end-consumer.

Combine materials in new ways

The integrated locking system provides fast and easy assembly with solid results, and it offers a unique opportunity to use a wide variety of materials and combine them in ways that just wasn’t possible before.

Furniture application

From kitchen cabinets and drawers to wardrobes, beds and bookshelves. Threespine opens up for a wide array of design possibilities, creative solutions and innovative opportunities. The technology can be implemented in virtually every style of current and future furniture, and it can be used in all kinds of materials and sizes. 


Modular office furniture by Hammerbacher

German office furniture manufacturer, Hammerbacher, is dedicated to developing functional, high-quality office furniture. With Threespine they designed an innovative modular system that, thanks to the easy assembly and disassembly process, is easy to change in both form and function.


High-quality lockers by Ges

Italian Ges Group is known for its high-quality furnishing solutions for community spaces. With Threespine they can produce smart, economical, and innovative solutions for lockers, cabinets, modular boxes, and many other furnishing accessories.


Game-changing kitchen design by Makellos Cabinetry

American Makellos Cabinetry is a renowned producer of kitchen cabinets. With their new Evök™ collection they created a range of kitchen cabinets in premium quality that thanks to Threespine can be assembled in less than a minute.


Scandinavian finesse from Epoq Kitchens by Elkjøp

Elkjøp is the market-leader in consumer electronics and home appliances in the Nordics. Their kitchen range, Epoq, uses Threespine to ensure fast and easy assembly and to secure the quality, design, and functionality their consumer desires.

Home furniture

Functional design from Forte

Forte is one of the leading and most influential ready-to-assemble furniture producers in Europe and their high-quality products are available in stores all over the world. With Threespine they can offer consumers an easy and intuitive solution to assemble and disassemble furniture and create products that are more sustainable.

Home furniture

Innovative home furniture from Kilim Mobilya

Kilim is an influential Turkish furniture manufacturer known for its high-quality design. With Threespine they update their production of kitchen cabinets and home furniture and make valuable savings in materials, cost, and time.


Inspiring bookshelves from Nitori

Nitori, the largest furniture and home accessories retail company in Japan, is on a mission to make living spaces, workplaces, and local communities more inspiring. They use Threespine to produce versatile and easily assembled bookshelves.


Minimalistic boxes from Ta’Or by Van Hoecke

Belgian company Van Hoecke is well-known for their exclusive and innovative brand of high-quality, sustainably designed boxes, Ta’Or.  Threespine ensures the luxurious, modern aesthetic and flawless results they are widely known for.


Sustainably designed bathroom furniture from Dansani

The leading bathroom furniture producer and supplier in the Nordics, Dansani, is recognised all over Europe for its premium qualities, conscious design, and Scandinavian style. With Threespine they design easy-to-assemble-furniture and reduce their environmental impact.

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