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With Threespine furniture assembly is easy and fail-safe, you get smart flatpack possibilities and it enables a total rethinking of how furniture is designed, used, and reused. It’s a great solution for creating more sustainable products, streamlining production and logistics and meeting changing consumer bahaviours and new environmental demands. Learn more about the benefits of our technology and let our licensees inspire your next step!

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Threespine Click Furniture Technology by Välinge innovation

At Välinge, the passion for innovation and technology is inherent. We are known globally for our revolutionary inventions and pioneering mindset and for continuously driving the flooring and furniture industry forward. Three decades ago, we invented the first ever mechanical floor locking system and permanently changed how people, all over the world, install flooring. With our ground-breaking Threespine technology, we are transforming how furniture assembly is done.
This solution makes assembling furniture easy, fast and fail-safe and it’s designed to meet future changes in design, consumer behaviour and environmental standards.