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Hammerbacher creates flexible office furniture

Hammerbacher – a family business

At Hammerbacher the dedication to develop functional, high-quality office furniture is unfailing. Their latest addition to their product range is a smart modular system that thanks to Threespine is easily changeable in both form and function.


Family-owned Hammerbacher is a large and well-known office furniture manufacturer based in Neumarkt, Germany. They have a long and successful history of developing and delivering a large range of furniture that is easily adapted to the customer’s needs and that fits perfectly in all types of office environments, regardless of whether it is a compact home office or a spacious office building you are furnishing. At Hammerbacher, they are highly regarded for their innovative and space-efficient office solutions and for always providing personal service, fast deliveries and conscious design.


“We are known for our profound expertise and for developing creative solutions that can be easily adapted to a variety of needs and spaces”, says Christoph Hammerbacher, Managing Director and 5th generation Hammerbacher.


The first German office furniture company with FSC® certification

Hammerbacher is a conscious company that constantly strives to create new solutions that suit the ever-changing needs of modern society. They are the first German office furniture manufacturer to exclusively supply office furniture in accordance with the FSC® environmental standard and their furniture is designed to be changeable in form and function, extending both longevity and usability of the products. When they were first introduced to Threespine they were immediately amazed by the technology and how intuitive and easy it makes furniture assembly.


“Threespine is just what we have been looking for. Both assembly and disassembly are really easy which suits our vision of creating intelligent and flexible furniture perfectly”, Christoph Hammerbacher continues. “For us it is also important to use our resources in a responsible way and with Threespine no extra fittings are needed and furniture can be produced almost exclusively in wood.”


Using Threespine for their new FlexWall cabinet system

Hammerbacher recently released their new FlexWall cabinet system that gives you the freedom to adapt your furniture to any individual working and living situation – even if you want to change it later. Thanks to our intelligent Threespine click furniture technology creating and assembling elegant and timeless storage furniture is easy and takes no time at all – you just click the pieces together. The FlexWall system is not designed to be a traditional fixed cabinet standing in one place forever, it’s created to be easily rearranged, modified and moved without needing tools or hard work.


“Working with Välinge has been great. From our first meeting to implementation in production – they are truly professional in everything they do”, Christoph Hammerbacher concludes. “Choosing Threespine was actually easy – great advantages, no huge investment and with Välinge’s help, fitting the technology into our existing production line was easy.”


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