Makellos Cabinetry are changing the game with their new collection

“Threespine makes our new kitchen collection a real game-changer.”

Makellos Cabinetry are renowned American producers of kitchen cabinets. They provide quality and cost-effective cabinetry to vendors and dealers, nationwide. With their new Evök™ collection they wanted a whole new and enhanced experience – this is why they chose Threespine®.


When we speak to Calvin Poon, co-founder and president of Makellos Cabinetry he is truly excited about the introduction of their brand-new collection, Evök™.

“This really is a game-changer for the entire industry. Thanks to Threespine we can now make kitchen cabinets that are assembled in under a minute or to be more exact in less than 40 seconds. Pretty amazing, right?”


Makellos Cabinetry successfully create designs that are eye-catching and homelike at the same time, and they are passionate about providing products with premium performance and quality. Their aim is to always create solutions that integrate seamlessly into the everyday life of their customers.


“The fast and easy assembly that Threespine provides is outstanding. We are delighted to be able to offer our homeowners cabinets that are so easily assembled. They won’t need tools or fittings and it will mean lots of less effort and absolutely no need to worry about either skills or expertise,” says Calvin Poon. “Working with Välinge, has been a very positive experience. We worked close together with their team and the way they made sure the implementation process was surprisingly simple shows how professional they are.”


Makellos take great pride in caring about how they produce their products, the result and the customer experience. Their natural urge to seek new and innovative solutions is how they came across our trail-blazing technology. This was less than a year ago and seeing how swift every step – from agreement and implementation to design and introduction – have been truly inspirational.


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