Threespine Core takes it to the next level

Revolutionary click furniture technology

Threespine Core is the original click furniture solution. When it was first launched it revolutionised the furniture industry 

with its sought-after features. It’s an innovation based on the outstanding floor locking technology, 5G Fold Down, developed 

and patented by Välinge Innovation. Regarded as the world standard for fast, easy, and reliable floor installations, 5G has 

been successfully used in production of more than one billion m2 of flooring, worldwide. 

We wanted something truly extraordinary for our new line which is exactly why we chose Threespine. This technology gives our cabinets perfect results with precise angles and incomparable stability.

Specialist in Sourcing and Product Development, Fabuwood

Threespine CORE

Effortless assembly and disassembly

There is no need for tools or fittings and results are secure and solid with perfect angles. You simply click the panels together and the job is done. 


Threespine CORE

How it works

The key feature of Threespine is the flexible plastic insert.

The insert is equipped with springs enabling backward motion when a panel is pushed into position. As the panel reaches its final position, the insert snaps out into a wedge groove on the opposite panel and achieves a strong connection.

“Both customers and retail staff love how easy it is to assemble our kitchen cabinets using Threespine and are amazed by the solid results.”

Project manager for kitchen and interiors at Elkjøp Nordic.

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