Meet the future with Threespine ID

A brand-new innovation

Threespine ID – Inclined Dowel – is a newly launched solution to make furniture 

assembly exceptionally fast and easy with secure and reliable results – every time.


The inclined dowels and the uniquely designed locking device, Pinlock, efficiently prevent panels from separating and 

secure the lasting results. Installation of the components is integrated in production and assures a solid and secure result 

– regardless of factory assembly or RTA.


“Threespine ID makes assembly really easy, and a major advantage is how easily it integrates in existing production lines without any huge investments needed.”

Senior managing Director, Hammerbacher.

Threespine ID

Fast & easy assembly

There is no need for tools or fittings and results are secure and solid with perfect angles. You simply click the panels together and the job is done. 


Threespine ID

How it works

The key features of Threespine ID are the inclined dowels in combination with the flexible locking pin. Position the panels with dowels over the holes in the other panel. Press straight down. The locking pin will be compressed, and as the panel reaches its final position the locking pin snaps out into the receiving hole and achieves a strong connection.

“Threespine makes assembly and disassembly easy. It fits our vision of creating intelligent and flexible furniture perfectly, and with no additional fittings needed, we can produce furniture made almost exclusively of wood.”

Senior Managing Director, Hammerbacher

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Threespine Click Furniture Technology by Välinge innovation

At Välinge, the passion for innovation and technology is inherent. We are known globally for our revolutionary inventions and pioneering mindset and for continuously driving the flooring and furniture industry forward. Three decades ago, we invented the first ever mechanical floor locking system and permanently changed how people, all over the world, install flooring. With our ground-breaking Threespine technology, we are transforming how furniture assembly is done.
This solution makes assembling furniture easy, fast and fail-safe and it’s designed to meet future changes in design, consumer behaviour and environmental standards.