5G+Side Push

Välinge presents a new version of a fold down system – the 5G+ double slide side push system. 5G+ has a displaceable tongue that is automatically activated and displaced into a tongue groove with a side pressure caused by a long edge tongue of a new panel installed in a new row.


Goodbye paper, Wood Fiber Floor is born

A new paper-free Wood Fibre Floor (WFF) is born 30 years after the first laminate floor invention. Thereby a new milestone is reached as Välinge develops a completely new flooring category. The same technicians that developed the laminate flooring in 1977 contributed to several vital parts of the developments. WFF is very cost effective and much stronger than any laminate flooring on the market thanks to the paper-free solid surface, created with Välinge’s new Powder Technology.

Välinge also presents a new method for recycling used laminate floorboards into either new core materials or completely new floorboards.

History of innovation