Birth of the laminate flooring

Swedish company Perstorp AB develops the first laminate flooring which consists of a paper-based decorative surface with aluminum oxide (HPL), a particle board core and a tongue/groove joint. The development was made on the initiative of Darko Pervan, at that time the general manager of the Perstorp laminate division. He also initiated the ”idea-77” project together with Mr Gerhard Schultze as project manager and main inventor of the first laminate flooring panel. This development was the foundation of Pergo and the whole laminate flooring industry.


Market introduction by IKEA

Laminate flooring is introduced on the market by IKEA in 1979. In 1981, Darko Pervan leaves Perstorp (later Pergo) which develops and maintains a world leading position in laminate floorings until late 1990’s.

History of innovation