5G-S™ side push

A new side push system – the single slide fold down system 5G-S, is introduced. 5G-S is based on a new technology that enables locking with a linear sliding of a separate tongue along and parallel to the joint.


Wood Powder Laminate

Välinge presents the first Wood Powder Laminate – WPL. Välinge’s Powder Technology is used to improve a conventional laminate floor by applying a powder layer of wood micro fibers and melamine under a decorative paper. The new technology provides improved properties, increased flexibility and a cost efficient production.


New R&D center

Välinge moves to its new 17,000 m² R&D center: the largest facility in the world for development of laminate, wood and powder based flooring technology.


5G-C® is introduced

Välinge presents 5G Compact – a new fold down locking system which is easier to lock. The flexible tongue is slightly inclined and pushed inwardly and downwardly during locking.


Production of powder based floors

Välinge installs the world’s first full-size production line for wood fiber floors (WFF) in Viken. The new line is able to supply considerable start-up volumes to Välinge’s licensees, either as pressed blanks or profiled and packed products ready for distribution.

History of innovation