PRO technology

Välinge introduces a new, upgraded PRO profile that significantly improves the locking strength and lifespan of all types of resilient products, maximising the performance of Välinge’s market-leading angling, push-down, and fold-down installation systems. PRO enables vertical connections that are up to twice as strong and can increase the floor’s lifespan by up to three times.



Onepush™ is an integrated locking system that improves the flexibility and durability of the new generation of resilient flooring. With resilient floors becoming more rigid, push-down installations are put to the test. If the system is not flexible enough, floor panels can be damaged during installation. Onepush’s unique flexibility, created in a post-forming process, effectively solves this problem.

Onepush is the successful result of an exclusive collaboration between Välinge and the European companies Kreafin, part of Gerflor, and Inovame.


Update of 5G Cross™

The new and improved 5G Cross™ version can be combined with 5G Dry™ for leakproof seams.


5G Cross for Chevron

5G Cross for Chevron is a new solution making chevron patterns easy to install, with beautiful, long-lasting results.


Update of 5G Climb™

Välinge are introducing an updated clip that easily handles floor panels in multiple thicknesses, making this technology even more versatile and easy to use.


Update of Dry technology

With the latest update of our 5G Dry™ technology Välinge are now happy to offer leakproof seams with a perfect fit for both angling, fold down and push down installations.


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