Goodbye glue

Välinge (together with its licensee Alloc AS) launches the world’s first glue free laminate floor with an advanced mechanical locking system at the Domotex fair. This floor panel showed that an underlay could be attached to a laminate floor as a sound insulation and that the edges could be sealed with wax. The new glue free technology starts an evolution that eliminates 100 million glue bottles that annually would have to be used to glue floating laminate and wood floorings. Several major improvements of the original locking system were made and patented by Darko Pervan during 1996-2001.


Alvesta training centre

Välinge opens its first lab, training center and exhibition in Alvesta, Västmanland outside Stockholm. Many distributors from several countries are trained to install floors with Välinge’s mechanical locking systems.

History of innovation