F2 factory for Woodura™ and Nadura™ is finalized

The new F2 factory with a capacity of 5 million m2 is the most advanced factory in the world for powder based floors. The € 50 million investment comprises high tech state of the art equipment such as a continuous pressing line, profiling line, oil and lacquering line and an automatic packaging line


SLS Flex and Rigid

Välinge develops powder based Single Layer Surfaces (SLS) with Woodura and Nadura surfaces in thickness 1 – 3 mm that may be glued to various core materials such as HDF, plywood, plastic materials and lamella core.



Välinge launches the brand of Liteback™ based on the technology för LVT and WPC products which was presented 2013. The technology makes floors up to 20% lighter, contributes to more sustainable transportation and is more efficient in use of raw materials.

History of innovation