Digital Binder And Powder (BAP) printing

Välinge presents a new digital printing technology. Water-based transparent blank ink applied with conventional print heads creates a digital binder pattern on a surface. Dry ink particles containing pigments are scattered on the whole surface and on the liquid pattern. Non-bonded particles are subsequently removed.


Digital embossing

Välinge presents a new digital embossing technology. Major cost savings may be combined with outstanding production flexibility especially when digital printing is used to create the decor.


Lamella core

Välinge introduces a technology that enables cost savings as well as improved locking for engineered wood products.


3D-core for LVT

Välinge presents technology for LVT and WPC products that enables material recycling as well as weight savings.


Digital overlay

Välinge presents the digital overlay technology. Aluminum oxide particles are positioned digitally in precise and pre-determined patterns.


Click furniture technology introduced

Välinge’s locking technology for easier and faster furniture assembly is presented for the first time.

History of innovation