5G™ fold down is launched at Domotex

Välinge introduces the first 5G fold down system with a displaceable bow shaped flexible tongue together with its licensee Rappgo. The technology is well-received by the market and 8 years later about 30% of all laminate and wood floors use this installation method.

Roll to panel, Solid Edge, Edge treating

Välinge also introduces the following products at the Domotex fair:

Roll to panel floors which are based on the basic concept that surface materials such as PVC, linoleum etc typically delivered in rolls should be glued to a board material and delivered as floating floor panels with a mechanical locking system.

Solid Edge technology for laminate floorings. A bevel is formed by compression of the laminate edge at high speed with heat and roll forming. The decorative laminate layer and the core edge are pressed and formed into a bevel.

Edge Treating Equipment for high speed in line coating of edges in laminate and wood flooring was introduced.

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