1:st lock patent

Välinge is founded in 1993 by Darko Pervan. The same year, Darko Pervan leads the development of the world’s first mechanical locking system that enables installation of wood and laminate flooring by combining angling and snapping. The first patent application, partly based on computer simulations, was filed by Tony Pervan. Gerhard Schultze, who joined Välinge in 1994 after his retirement from Pergo, made major contributions related to the production technology. Several of the first patents from 1993/94, which protects locking systems made in one piece with the core or of separate materials, have successfully passed the final appeal in EPO. These decisions clearly show that Välinge was first to develop a one-piece and a two-piece locking system for wood and laminate floors which could be locked with angling and/or snapping.

History of innovation