Powder backing and sublayers

Välinge presents the WPL powder technology. Powder backing and powder sublayer are used together with unimpregnated thin decorative paper to the reduce costs of conventional laminate panels.


Bjoorn starts selling WFF floors with Nadura™

The first commercial products based on the Powder Technology are produced by Välinge and sold in Sweden by Bjoorn: a leading Swedish web shop owned by Välinge Invest AB. The product range contains wood and slate designs with deep embossing based on an improved second generation of WFF floors. The new generation consists of a surface with a top and sub layer which is combined with a powder-based backing layer.


2G Plus

Välinge presents a new one piece angling locking system, based on a new joint geometry and a new technology to separate floor panels, can reduce material waste with up to 50%.


Välinge Invest AB initiates R&D

The mother company of Välinge Innovation – Välinge invest AB – initiates R&D activities mainly related to a new type of digital printing technology for flooring. The intention is to sublicense the technology and patents to Välinge Innovation.


Powder backing

Powder can now be used to replace paper-based backing layers in conventional laminate floors in order to decrease material cost.


All time high IP activities

The total IP base developed by the Välinge group during the previous 18 years contains 90 different patent families that may provide about 4,000 different patents.

History of innovation